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Our Rating Process

Based on what we value in a good round of golf, we measure ten traits that make or break our day on the course. Each trait is based on a 1-10 scale with a total end score correlating to our playing recommendation.

Here’s how our overall scores map out:


You’ve died and gone to golf heaven. We’ll meet you there.

90 – 100

You’re at Augusta National . . . call us to complete the foursome.

80 – 90

Excellent course and your missing out if you don’t play here.

70 – 80

Solid course. We recommend playing.

60 – 70

Okay place to play. Might offer a positive experience.

50 – 60

Weak, needs improvement. Should be a last resort place to play.

0 – 50

Go mow your lawn instead, we do not recommend playing here!


The Science of the Scores

Friendliness of Staff

Does the staff make us feel comfortable, especially when playing a more expensive course? Typical encounters include: person making tee times on the phone, starter, pro shop attendant, ranger, bag boys/girls, bartender, waitstaff.

Facilities/Pro Shop

What facilities are offered? Bathrooms, showers, snack shop, banquet facility, restaurant, driving range, putting green. Are the facilities in good shape? Does the pro shop have a good selection of merchandise?

Quality/Value of Food/Snacks

If there is a restaurant and bar, is the food good? Do they have a nice bar with a good selection of beer and drinks? Is the menu diverse? How long does it take to get service? Is what you receive worth the money? Is it expensive but just OK, or cheap with great food? Can you call ahead your order at the 9th tee?

Fairway Conditions

What color are the fairways? Are they plush or covered in divots and weeds? Is the grass too long or too short? How does weather effect the grass here? What do they do with the grass clippings?

Greens Conditions

Are the greens well kept? Are they sandy, splotchy, thin, new, too long, too short? When does aeration take place and how is play affected? Are they soft or hard? Fast or slow? Can you hold the green on your approach? Do they putt true?


What are the surroundings? What is the surrounding neighborhood like? Are there ocean or water views? Lots of trees and rolling mountains make for beautiful scenery. How is the signage for each hole designed? Is there water? Does it smell (you laugh, but stinky ponds are not fun!)? Any animal sightings? Are there houses or other buildings on or near the course? Overall maintenance – how does it look?

Difficulty of Course

Are the fairways narrow or wide open? Can you easily get in trouble with a bad shot or is the course forgiving? Are water hazards hidden or blind shots? How wooded is the course? Are the greens tough with difficult pin positions? How are the bunkers and where are they positioned? Are there a lot of doglegs or blind shots? What is the slope of the course like? Do weather conditions make it even more difficult? Was the course fun to play, regardless of the difficulty?

Value Received

What are the greens fees and cart fees? Do they have deals on weekdays or after a certain time? Any special deals or promotions they run? Is the course worth the money? Do they have attendants that take your clubs from your car?

Speed of Play/Design of Course

Who plays the course the most? What leagues do they have and who plays? Are there a lot of slower hackers that play? Are the par-3’s bunched up or back to back with a par-5 to speed up play? How spread apart are the tee times? Is there a course ranger checking on play?

19th Hole

First, do they have one? Do they offer beer, wine and food? Do they have TV’s with sports or other cable channels? Are there enough tables and chairs and are they comfortable? What variety of food do they offer? Good selection of beer on tap? Do they have a patio? Can you play Keno? Do they have a deck of cards on hand for an impromptu game of pitch?


+5 for having a beer cart on the course!

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