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Amherst Golf Club
Site Rating:

Amherst Golf Club

Our Rating: 68

Friendliness of Staff: 9

There were only two staff members here today, a kid working the counter and the pro, who was out giving lessons. The pro was very social, even stopping to talk with Rob and I. I was impressed that he was most curious with why we had chosen to play here. Obviously he cares about why someone would choose his course.

Facilities/Pro Shop: 6

Bearing in mind that this in only a 9-hole course, the facilities are standard, not exceptional. There is a net that you can hit in to, but it’s located at the end of the parking lot. There is a large putting green. They have small “range”, but you can really only hit a ball all of 50 yards. The pro shop is small, but loaded with merchandise and equipment. They carried “The Bontempo Tee”, which was invented by a neighbor down the street from where I grew up.

Quality/Value of Food/Snacks: 6

They had plenty of snack food to choose from. For sandwiches, they had 6-inch Subway grinders available. I was hoping for a hot dog to start my round, but the sub wasn’t bad. It didn’t appear as thought hey have a full kitchen.

Fairway Conditions: 7

Surprisingly, the fairways were in great shape. There are no weeds of notice they were green, which is great considering the lack of rain we’ve had so far this summer. There was a couple of brown areas which clearly were not getting water, but they were not areas that you would play off of. They ground on the whole course is pretty solid, so expect plenty of roll on your shots. Even plan to be short on some holes as the ball will roll on to the green.

Greens Conditions: 7

These greens are hard! But not the difficult hard, they were rock hard. We found it tough to hold a shot on them, as the ball was certain to roll from the front to the back fringe. However, they were in great shape! They were not damaged from ball marks or lack of water and rolled pretty true, albeit fast.

Scenery: 7

Amherst is gorgeous western Massachusetts town and the views from the course do not disappoint. From the first tee, you have a great view of some of the valley. We saw a hawk hanging around in the shade on the second hole, so wildlife is certainly in the area. The 8th and 9th holes play down and up from a busy road. Having driven by this course for 34 years, I’ve always wanted to play those two holes.

Difficulty of Course: 5

The course is fairly wide open and the holes run right next to each other. It’s very easy to play from an adjacent fairway should your tee shot be off target. Out-of-bounds does play along 1, 2, 3, and 7, so you right-handed slicers will need to compensate a bit. This is a great course for when you need a practice round or you want to work on a new shot. It’s forgiving and you can score pretty well.

Value Received: 8

Bargain city! If you’re golfing with non-member, it’s $25 for the day. Not the round, the DAY! If we weren’t so tired from playing the day before and running 3 miles in the morning, we might have gone 27 holes, but we called it a day after 18. I’m impressed with this pricing strategy and would love to see other courses adopt a similar model.

Speed of Play/Design of Course: 7

This is only a 9-hole course and it’s build in a condensed area, but they did a good job in the design. For a new golfer, it’d be easy to get confused leaving the 3rd green as you might head to the 7th tee, so pay attention to your layout on the scorecard. The pace of play is of course dictated by those in front of you, but it’s a quick place to play. We finished 18 holes in about 3 holes.

19th Hole: 6

They have a great outdoor patio overlooking the first tee box, but they do not have a bar. However, they had some great bottled beer that you can buy, including a couple micro-brews that you won’t commonly find. They did have a TV in the inside seating area, so you can catch a game while you’re inside.

Bonus: 0

There is no beer cart on the course.

Additional Comments:

I enjoyed playing here and recommend it to people. I had always thought it was a private course, but it’s open to everyone! When you’re looking for a quick place to play at a great price, head over to the Amherst Golf Club!

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