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Cabo del Sol Golf Club - Ocean Course
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Cabo del Sol Golf Club – Ocean Course

Our Rating: 103

Friendliness of Staff: 10

Every single person that we came across was great. The course staff was very helpful and showed us everything that we needed to know. Bill, the starter, was probably one of the best staff members that we’ve ever come across. The beer cart girl was great as well…perfect personality for selling beer on the course. The other Bill, the course ranger, seemed a bit serious but was extremely helpful, considering we had never played the course before.

Facilities/Pro Shop: 10

The clubhouse is absolutely extravagant, with high, arching ceilings with an indoor restaurant and an outdoor bar with patio seating. Nice bathroom with porcelain sinks, but only two urinals (not good if a tournament were to wrap up). The clubhouse in total is 40,000 square feet…ridiculous!

The driving range was perfect, with unlimited Nike range balls, 3 greens to aim for, and plenty of space for multiple hitters. The practice green was huge, with plenty of slopes to practice putts of any length and slope.

Quality/Value of Food/Snacks: 10

Complimentary breakfast bar with coffee, muffins and even breakfast burritos. before your round gets started. The beer cart on the course is packed with plenty of snacks for all tastes. Have you ever heard of free tacos at the turn? Cabo del Sol has and it’s there if you want it! Not to mention, they actually have Johnny Walker scotch and a full liquor selection on the beer cart. My father-in-law would love that!

Fairway Conditions: 10

Unbelievable fairways! No disease or brown to be found anywhere. For Cabo, which gets only 10 inches of rain in a year, it was as green as Ireland. As they’d say in Mexico…..”Muy Bueno!”

Greens Conditions: 9

Beautiful roll and they putt true every time. No signs of damage from previous golfers and ball marks are easy to find and repair. # 13 needs seed repair on the right side and you should avoid the back left on your approach on #14. Other than that, the greens are absolutely gorgeous.

Scenery: 10

If we could rate this a 25, we would. Unreal views with amazing shots overlooking the ocean. These were definitely the “finest three finishing holes of golf in the world” as quoted from the designer himself, Jack Nicklaus. Our pictures say it all…find them in the blog. And don’t forget your own camera when you come to play.

Difficulty of Course: 9

Very hard course with a lot tee shots of waste sand areas. There are tons of intimidating shots. The course is 7,200 yards from the black tees. Be careful of your distance as the ball tends to fly off the club (even from the sand!). Add 10 yards to your normal length.

Value Received: 10

Now this course costs $350 to play, but well worth every penny to play here just once. They give you tees, divot tools, ball markers, towel, water bottles, breakfast bar, tacos at the turn, and not to mention a mango scented cold towel at the end of the round to cool off with.

Speed of Play/Design of Course: 10

This course is built around the ocean and its views. Ranger Bill keeps everyone moving very quickly, almost a bit too quickly for paying that kind of money but I guess we understand. The only potential problem on busy days or tournaments is the back-to-back par-3’s #6 & #7. The golf carts fly along as well, so you get to your ball in no time at all. For example, we played the eighteen holes, stopping for plenty of pictures along the way, and we still finished in less than 4 hours!

19th Hole: 10

While we didn’t eat there and didn’t see the menu, based on what we had before and during, it must be world class. They have a beautiful indoor and outdoor bar with restaurant.

Bonus: +5

The beer cart could easily be 10 bonus points, as they had a full service bar with Johnny Walker Gold among the choices.


What an unbelievable experience this was! There are amazing views on every hole. This is a very challenging course but a great round to enjoy. You don’t have to be a great golfer to play here. The ranger said it perfectly, “this course is special!” You’d expect nothing less from a Nicklaus designed course. If you’re on a business trip, make sure you get your company to expense a round of golf for you at, in our opinion, one of the best courses in the world!

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