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Hunters Green
Site Rating:

Hunter’s Green Country Club

Our Rating: 88

Friendliness of Staff: 8

This rating could easily be a 10 with some work. Their staff is realistically outstanding. From the pro to the support crew to the attendants, everyone is very pleasant and helpful. Head pro and pro shop staff are known to be excellent. They greet you immediately with a smile and they go out of their way to be friendly. Granted, you could easily catch people on a good or bad day, but I asked around and know numerous people who are members here and recommended that I play it. They all rave about the relatively new and improved staff. Where they miss the boat completely is when you show up and also finish your round. No staff to welcome you and help with your bags, which is rare for a private club. Again, maybe it was the day, but I asked the members and they said it generally does not happen. Not only does that make it a hassle for you to park your car, get your bags out, get back in your car, go park, come back, grab your clubs and lug them to the carts; on top of it..major missed opportunity for tips for the younger guys working the course. At most private clubs, after you finish your round they greet you, help you with your clubs and often give them a quick wash and scrub. Again, missed opportunity for tips and that added extra customer service.

Facilities/Pro Shop: 8

Facilities are great. Awesome restaurant and bar area, serviceable and well-laid out pro shop and fantastic dining experience. Their chef is supposedly top notch and they stand by their food and quality so strongly, there is no food minimum with your membership. Great food, great atmosphere and all around great services/amenities for the members.

Quality/Value of Food/Snacks: 10

As stated above, their food is outstanding. Chef is very well-respected and quite a few people in the neighborhood frequent the club for dinner. Not only is the food and service great, but the prices are very affordable considering the fact.

Fairway Conditions: 9

I wouldn’t call them mint, but pretty darn close. Great condition, well-kept and excellently maintained. Didn’t see much for staff, but for the time of year I played, it doesn’t really require it. Not nearly as hot as the summer. I asked the members about the condition of the course during the heat of summer and they commented on how good the course holds up and is maintained.

Greens Conditions: 7

Lightning fast! I have to get used to this with how much we tend to play in Florida. These greens are like putting on concrete. You tap the ball and it goes 20 feet. But they roll pretty true and are in great condition. The only complaint, and why they receive a 7, is the ball marks. Considering it’s a private course, I would have expected the members to take better care of their home greens. Ball divots scatter most greens. The good news is they repair easily with the sandy greens. One member I played with commented about it several times. I’d like to see the course either add small signs next to the greens asking players to repair their ball marks, encourage players in the pro shop to do so prior to starting their round or even hand out cheap divot tools in the pro shop.

Scenery: 7

You play in Florida you expect houses and driving across roads and sidewalks. However, the layout of this course is one of the better ones I’ve seen in Florida. There are several signature holes that are beautiful. The 18th hole is really nice and very challenging and there are numerous holes guarded or fronted by water.

Difficulty of Course: 8

The most difficult facet of this course isn’t the length or even the greens…it’s the narrow fairways and a lot of water in difficult positions. Plenty of Florida courses have water, but not in places that make the hole extremely difficult like Hunter’s Green. Tough doglegs, including a par 5 where you can’t really even hit a wood off the tee if you’re a longer hitter.

Value Received: 10

By far a 10! Where do I start? Memberships have ZERO initiation and ZERO F&B requirement. For $320/month membership here’s what you receive; unlimited golf, unlimited range balls, 25% off food and booze in the restaurant, 24 free guest rounds/year and the normal cost of a guest round is around $90 and with membership the guest fee drops to around $28! Now that’s a deal! If you live in the area and are looking around, I strongly suggest you check out Hunter’s Green!

Speed of Play/Design of Course: 8

The design is one of the best I’ve seen in Florida. Great layout, great use of bunkers and water hazards. The course can get a bit backed up but that’s only because you have some slower players and the course is very busy!

19th Hole: 8

Great place to enjoy a few beers but more importantly, hit the restaurant! It’s even better. The grill was closed during a changeover by the time we made it to the turn and the younger guy managing the bar area gave my 4-year old son a big cup of ice water, a bag of pretzels and a cup full of goldfish…many thanks to him. He knew how to handle a four-year old very well. Outdoor area and plenty of room.

Bonus: +5

There is a beer cart on the course!

Additional Comments:

If you can get a member to get you on… GO! Great course, great dining experience and great facilities all around. If you’re looking into membership, you would be hard pressed to find a better deal. If I lived in locally, I’d be seriously considering signing up. I really enjoyed it.

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