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Juniper Hills Golf Club
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Juniper Hills Golf Club

Our Rating: 70

Friendliness of Staff: 8

The whole team at Juniper is outstanding. From the rangers on the course, to the starters at both courses, the pro staff, dining room and bar tenders. You will definitely agree that the service there is very good.

Facilities/Pro Shop: 8

The facilities at Juniper are very nice, they have a great outdoor banquet area, a great deck area overlooking the putting green and 10th tee for the riverside, a large indoor bar area with a decent bar, large pro shop with everything you will need before you play, and a few other great amenities. As mentioned there is a decent bar, they offer an ok selection of alcohol and beers, that will satisfy your cravings after a great day on the course. These are only a few of the amenities that Juniper has to offer, and reasons why their rating is an 8.

Quality/Value of Food/Snacks: 7

The value at Juniper for food and drinks are just average. Most of the bottled drinks are anywhere between $1.50 and $2.00, and the other food is reasonable and good.

Fairway Conditions: 6

Well due to the fact that the riverside takes a lot of water on, typically it is in good shape but if there is any rain, well you can count on it being wet, especially 1, 8, 9, 10, and a few others. The lake side is much different it holds the water much better. Even after a good rain the drainage is much better over there. Other than that, there are a few divots on the course, but because of the value, Juniper gets a fair amount of play, so that is pretty typical. So overall the fairways are just fair, they are not terrible but not great either. Also one other thing to note is that typically the grass isn’t cut very short, there are many times you will feel that things are a bit fuzzy out there, but still nothing that really impacts the overall quality of the course.

Greens Conditions: 6

The greens are good but slow. These greens typically are in decent shape, and roll very nicely, however they are always slow and typically break way less than what they read. I find that if you are comfortable with hitting the putts firm and at the hole, then you will do well. However, if you are typically one that tries to die the putt into the hole, well you may get frustrated. My recommendation play less break and hit it firm at the cup.

Scenery: 6

The scenery at Juniper varies, there are a few holes that are very pretty on both the River and Lake sides. They did an excellent job designing the par 3’s as I feel these are some of the better looking (and difficult) holes at Juniper. Overall this is your traditional New England course that leverages elevation changes, ponds, and trees that line the fairways.

Difficulty of Course: 6

This can be summed up very easily, it depends on the side. The riverside course is one that is fairly easy, it offers many holes with wide fairways, and greens however they do throw some holes at you that make you hit the right shot either off the tee or to a green. However the lake side is a much different test. This course will require to hit some golf shots, and you really have to work the ball to really score. It has long holes, short holes, water, lots of trees, and a few other things that can jump out and get you. With all of that, it is fair, so hit the ball straight and you will do just fine.

Value Received: 8

The value at Juniper is very good, with two courses, and fair green’s fee’s this is a course that you will agree the value is one of the better attributes. I recommend you give it a try, and I am sure you will agree the exact same way I do. Juniper is a good course for the dollar.

Speed of Play/Design of Course: 7

The design of the course is a good one. The course uses elevation, doglegs, and water to make a layout that is fair and fun. The speed is also pretty good, on occasion it can get a bit slow but overall because Juniper has two courses they can keep things running smoothly. Overall I believe the design of Lakeside is better than Riverside but again both are nice and will create a fun round of golf.

19th Hole: 8

As mentioned I think the 19th hole is one of the better attributes because of how it is laid out. The bar is average, it has what you need from a grille, to drinks, but the layout is the best part. When you walk off that course, you have some options to kick back relax. You have the large outdoor deck with tables, chairs, and umbrella’s, that overlook the putting green, 10th tee, and then across the street is the 9th hole of Riverside. If you don’t want to sit outside, well head on in to another large size room beside the bar and grille. You really need to check it out for yourself but I am sure you will agree that Juniper has a great atmosphere to kick back and relax.

Bonus: 0

There is not a beer cart on the course.


Juniper Hills is one place that gets my recommendation. As described there are some really great things about Juniper and some things that could be better, but for the dollar, well you just can’t go wrong, especially if you play the lake side. A couple things to remember, there is no range attached to the course, they do have one but it is down the road, and the only way to get there is by car. Other than some slow greens, what you will find is a fun layout that is fair and still provides a challenge. Take my recommendation, spend the day and head out to Juniper to enjoy a day on 1 or both of their courses.

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  1. Tinman says
    July 16, 2013, 5:16 pm

    They do have a beer cart so you should give them 5+ on the Bonus Section


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