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Kettle Brook Golf Club
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Kettle Brook Golf Club

Our Rating: 88


On the day, we only encountered 4 employees. The guy in the pro shop was great, offering spot on information about the day and the course. He was also quite helpful to Jason in choosing a box of balls for the day. The cart guy was just a good, offering direction to the practice green and first tee, and sending you away with best wishes for the day. The starter was friendly enough and was not dictatorial about when you could or could not tee off. The lady working the snack shack at the turn was friendly as well, but did not blow you away with excitement to get you to buy some beers.


Facilities are great. The pro shop is very spacious and not overly loaded with junk. They had a large banquet room attached and the restrooms were quite clean. The practice green was huge and rolled true to the greens on the course. Having a snack shack right there for the turn was a huge plus too. The only thing missing is a practice range!


We didn’t have the time to visit the 19th hole afterwards for a bite to eat, but they had draft beer and $2 hot dogs at the snack shack at the turn. I’ll let that sink in for a minute. $2 HOT DOGS! What a bargain! And these weren’t sucky hot dogs either. They were steam rolled dogs and tasted great! They certainly aren’t trying to make a ton of money off you on their concessions and the service was quick to get you back on the course.


Only two fairways were a bit saturated from a recent rain storm, but they still looked great and played just as good. There was no sign of a great deal of damage or weeds. These are certainly some of the better fairways you will find on a public course at the end of the summer.


If you had a chance to warm  up your putter on the practice green, you found no trouble on the course greens. They rolled exactly the same! There was not a lot of un-repaired ball marks, which tells you the golfers on this course, and the grounds crew, do a tremendous job maintaining them.


From the drive up to the club house, to the making your way throughout the course, it doesn’t get much better than this. Kettle Brook has the New England scenery that belongs in magazines. From the grain silo as you drive in, to the wild turkeys walking past us on the practice green and again on hole 9, there is nothing out of place here. I can only imagine the view when the trees are changing colors.


Kettle Brook is a great, challenging course, but not in insurmountable one. We played the silver tees, checking in at 6,600 yards. There are three par 3’s over 190 yards. The greens had a good mix in size…some small, some big. There is plenty of wasteland to worry about, as well as a few tricky fairways that require a well placed tee shot. Most fairways were wide and forgiving, but there are a few bunkers placed in just the right spot to make you think twice about hitting the big dog.


It was basically $50 for 18 with a cart on a Friday. I’d pay that every day of the week for a course like Kettle Brook. I didn’t catch the weekend rates, but I’m sure they are ticked up a bit, like any other course. At the end of the day, you do not walk away from here feeling gypped in any way.


I think our whole group loved the design of the course. It seemed like we were the slow ones, as the group behind us was pushing us a bit, but we clocked in with a normal round time at the end and never had to wait for the group in front of us. Play just seemed to keep moving and there was no hole that made you wonder why they placed that one there.

19TH HOLE: 8

We didn’t get to hang around to enjoy a sandwich or beer, but the 19th hole is in an old farm house and has a nice patio overlooking the 18th green. Just from looking from the outside, it scores well. We look forward to returning and checking out the beers they have and enjoying a bite to eat.


There is no beer cart on the course.


I’m not sure how I never played this course before, but it’s now one of my favorites in the area. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, to complain about here. It truly is a hidden gem. They even have the small things down, like offering free ball markers in the pro shop. Maybe if they wanted to offer a free divot tool, that’d be great too, but they are already doing more than 95% of the other golf courses out there. The course is nicely tucked away and off the beaten path, which is great, because if it was easier to get to, the place would be packed! Thanks to our buddy Marc for coordinating us to play here…we’ll be back!

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