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Wolf Creek Golf Club
Site Rating:

Wolf Creek Golf Club

Our Rating: 102

Friendliness of Staff: 9

We didn’t get a “wow” experience from anyone here. The greeter seemed to be pre-occupied with a large group going out later in the morning than with us. The guy in the pro shop was really there doing his thing. The starter offered good info for you on how to play your round. The lady in the snack shack was very cordial. The two that greeted us at the end of our round were great. They struck up a small conversation while they were cleaning our clubs. There was definitely plenty of opportunities to wow us with service.

Facilities/Pro Shop: 10

A bit confusing was the layout as you drive up to the course. They have two buildings right next to each other with no signage as to which is the pro shop. You’ll find it though with help from the greeter. The pro shop itself is huge and well stocked. There is plenty of grear to choose from at a reasonable price. The practice range has unlimited balls, with a handful of flags to helo you hone in your irons. The only downfall is that you cannot use your driver on the range. They also had a bunker to practice from as well as a very large, sloping green. A tip: practice your speed on long putts… you’ll need it!

Quality/Value of Food/Snacks: 9

We only got to experience the food from the snack shack, but we were not disappointed. The hot dogs were all beef and very yummy. They had a good selection of beers, soft drinks and snack as well. There really aren’t too many other courses out there that have a full snack shack for you in the middle of the course.

Fairway Conditions: 10

The fairways are pristine. There is no such thing as a weed here. They are perfectly manicured and in top-notch condition. It’s amazing to even conceive that they have grass growing on this mountain, let alone that they are in the condition that they were in.

Greens Conditions: 10

The greens are in great shape. They rolled true and a great speed (just ask Dave in our group who never more than two putted and sank a 75 foot bird). They held the ball very well, which means they are ensuring the greens get plenty of water. Tough to do in the middle of the desert. The only negative is that not all golfers are repairing their ball marks. We did our part in fix ours plus 3, but others should really be doing that themselves.

Scenery: 10

Breathtaking. Beatuiful. Stunning. Amazing. Those are just a few of the words uttered from our 4-some during the round. Prepare to experience something you never have before. The course is layed out on top of a mountain in the middle of the desert. The pure color of green here, next to the dry color of the desert will certainly take your breath away. Be sure to bring your camera and take plenty of pictures to show off to your buddies back home.

Difficulty of Course: 10

Yikes! Wolf Creek is a tale of two 9’s. The front 9 is more risk/reward, giving you opportunities to cut corners and “go for it” more. Hit your marks and you will score well. The back 9 brings in the wind factor, as we experienced anywhere from 20 to 40 mile per hour gusts on the back. Be perpared to hit up to 3 more clubs than you think is necessary on many occassions. Be sure to visit Wolf Creek with plenty of golf balls, as once yours is in the desert it’s lost…you aren’t allowed to enter the desert to retrieve it.

Value Received: 10

While there are certainly cheaper courses to play closer to Las Vegas, you definitely will not break the bank to play here. Ranging from $175 for 18 holes during the peek season to $125 during the off-season, the rates are well in line with other destination courses.

Speed of Play/Design of Course: 10

Where to start! This course is basically the Pebble Beach of the desert. It’s amazing that this course is crafted on and throughout a mountain range in the middle of a desert. They left nothing for the imagination, as the views are breathtaking, golf holes challenging, and simply put, it’s built on a desert mountain. Regarding the speed of play, do not come here if you are looking for a quick round of golf in 4 hours. From driving the cart up and down the mountain to some holes be spaced apart, you will spend a good amount of time riding in the cart. But you’re not here for a quick round…Wolf Creek is about the experence.

19th Hole: 9

We didn’t stay after our round experience the 19th hole, but it’s open all day long for you. They start serving breakfast at 6am, have a ful and very reasonably priced lunch schedule as well as a full dinner menu. They also have an outdoor pavillion for large groups or to just enjoy a beer at with friends. We just didn’t get to experience the quality of the food here.

Bonus: +5

There is a beer cart on the course. (2 actually, plus a snack shack)


Wolf Creek is definitely a course that you want to come to and experience. One of our friends didn’t want to pay the high cost to play here, but we convinved him, and to this day he can’t stop talking about it. From amazing scenery to challenging golf, there is not doubt why this course is featured on EASports Tiger Wolds PGA Tour 2008. Among it’s numerous recongnitions, Wolf Creek was by Golf Magazine as the #58 in the top 100 courses you can play in 2006, #31 by Golf Digest for the toughest holes in 2007, #25 by Golf Digest in their top public courses in America, and is Zagat Survey rated excellent for 2007-08 for golf courses in America. Whether you are travelling with a spouse, friends or for business, make the trip from Las Vegas to Wolf Creek. You won’t be disappointed.

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